Interior Designers of the Year – WGNB

Living design fair 6X6 OPEN HOUSE, Seoul, South Korea (Photo: Yongjun Choi)

WGNB, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, is an international architecture and design firm headed by Sungchil Park (architecture and design) and Jonghwan Baek (interior design). The firm’s work centres around architecture, graphics, branding, display and interior design, realms in which the company has won many international prizes. Founded in 1992 as wallga associates, in 2015 the firm was renamed WGNB (wallga & brothers). The most recent projects of theirs that have created quite a stir in the international design community include Untitledot, Seoul, XYZ Formula Flagship Store, Seoul, Living design fair 6X6 OPEN HOUSE, Seoul, and SUMMIT GALLERY_VOID/ 2F, Seoul.

Untitle dot, Seoul, South Korea (Photo: Yongjun Choi)

Statement of the jury

The outstanding creation from the WGNB studio, which is operated by Sungchil Park and Jonghwan Baek, is highly impressive indeed, embodied as it is by an exceptionally high-quality design and methodically planned and interdisciplinary staging of visionary spaces of immense power and timeless elegance. A tremendous achievement, whose clear design aesthetic and magnificent minimalism embody a characteristic and distinctive style that has inspired designers the world over.

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